10 commandments for writing spiffy Lightning Apps

Recently, I gave a talk at London’s Calling event. The talk was called 10 commandments for writing spiffy Lightning apps. The talk was recorded and the video is on-line on the London’s Calling youtube channel.

However, when I watched the video I could see that I was talking way too fast, and was using a lot of filler words like umm and aah. This is probably because I was a bit nervous but mainly because I was trying to cover 40 slides in 25 minutes (Not a great idea!).

So I decided to re-record this talk in 2 parts where I talk a bit more slowly and hopefully with more clarity.

Here's the re-recording of the talk on my youtube channel. Please comment and leave your feedback in the youtube comments!

Part 1

Part 2

Anup Jadhav

Anup Jadhav

Anup Jadhav is a software developer, and engineering manager who enjoys solving interesting problems and loves a good coffee in the morning